Many people will seek help for weight loss with a nutritional therapist, as past experience with diets have not produced the success hoped for.  Weight is lost and then returns quickly. If this has been your experience, then why not try something new.  Instead of going on a diet, why not aim for optimal health and weight management.

Metabolic Balance has been developed by Doctors, Nutrition Scientists and IT Specialists and following more than 20 years of research into healthy eating, they have devised a unique, scientifically proven programme that is personally formulated for you based on your personal biochemistry.  It enables you to adjust your daily eating habits, avoiding calorie counting and fads.

Many dietary regimes result in yo-yo effects.  However, the changes brought on by the metabolic balance nutritional programme prevent this from happening.

The change in your daily diet increases general well-being of both body and mind.  It may help with long term weight issues, in particular those causes by hormonal imbalances such as type 2 diabetes, poor thyroid function and PCOS.  In addition the programme may be of benefit to many other conditions including poor digestion, allergies or skin disorders, gout, insomnia, fatigue, migraine, menopause, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and inflammatory conditions (including asthma, eczema and arthritis).

Weight Loss - Nutritional TherapyHow does Metabolic Balance work?

Using the laboratory values from your blood analysis, a personalised programme is generated for you.  The plan includes meals containing foods that promote a regulated insulin response, which in turn, re-balances hormones and subsequently leads to a more healthy and balanced metabolism.

The Metabolic Balance programme provides support over a 3 month period and includes :

  • An initial consultation to ensure that this specialised programme is right for you. (This will take approximately 1 hour and is charged at my normal rate but is offset against the cost of the programme if you proceed)
  • A comprehensive blood test (worth £245.00)
  • The nutrition plan
  • 2nd consultation to discuss the programme and how to put it into practice (approx 1 hour)
  • 3rd consultation one week into the programme (approx 30 minutes)
  • 4 more consultations (approx 30 minutes each)

Please contact me if you would like to increase your energy and vitality and learn more about the Metabolic Balance Programme and whether it might suit you.

Metabolic Balance Fee :  £750.00

Before embarking on any  nutritional therapy programme, you should always discuss with your GP about any health concerns.  The metabolic balance programme does not replace any conventional treatment or medication without consulting your health adviser or doctor.