Corporate NutritionA healthy workforce is a happy and more productive workforce. The benefits to any company when employees take responsibility for their health can include: increased morale, better attendance, improved productivity, improved ability to concentrate and a positive approach to managing stress.

I can offer a range of services designed for your Company’s needs as part of your employee welfare scheme, for example:
Employee wellbeing consultation programmes: these would be on-site nutrition clinics so that employees have access to personal nutritional consultations, giving individual attention in the strictest confidence.

  • Educational workshops and seminars.
  • Developing programmes that enhance healthy eating in the workplace.
  • Auditing employer’s on-site catering facilities with the aim of improving menus and cooking practices.
  • Full or half-day drop in clinic offering one-to-one consultations.

Tailored Seminars

Whoever your employees are, the presentations will motivate everyone to think about how they can change their eating habits. Topics can vary, here are some ideas :

  • How to beat stress and fatigue
  • Stress and IBS
  • Foods to boost immunity
  • Healthy weight loss
  • General healthy eating
  • How to feed the brain and prevent dementia
  • Improve sleeping patterns
  • How to look after your heart

Additional Options:

Talks to specific groups such as shift workers, sale people on the road and middle managers who face stress, which affects sleeping and mental wellbeing.

Seminar Options :

  • Seminar for smaller staff groups (10-20 employees)
  • Presentations to larger groups (up to 150 employees)
  • Stand alone sessions
  • Programme of sessions over time

If you are interested in finding out more about workplace clinics and workshops or would like a bespoke corporate package, please contact me.