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Nutritional Therapy Laboratory Testing Laboratory testing may be appropriate and suggested, as this enables a more targeted approach for your programme, which means a faster and more positive result.

There are many tests available to nutritional therapists,  but using them needs to be  considered carefully as to whether it is going to reveal the cause of the problems and improve the outcomes of your programme.

It is important to take into account your symptoms and past health history to enable the correct choice of test. In addition, careful interpretation of results is absolutely essential, as often the lab reports look very complex and need expert input to understand what they mean to you. This is where your experienced therapist will use their detective skills to unravel the details.

There are several tests Nutrition Dynamics uses regularly :

There are many more tests and specific ones can be discussed during the consultations.

Some tests can be arranged through your GP, we can write to your GP to arrange this for you.
This option will always be considered first. You are under no obligation to have tests and we can still help you without going down this route.