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The Company offer a variety of services from The Websites. All prices quoted are correct at time of website design. We reserve the right to alter prices and remove and add services at any time. Prices and services displayed on The Websites may not reflect the final price. Some services maybe conducted by a third party company on behalf of The Company, however this will be communicated to our customers prior to work taking place. Please note from time to time we may offer discounts via our website, print media or our social media sites. You must quote the relevant code to qualify for the discount when first contacting us as we are unable to apply this retrospectively. We reserve the right to remove discount offers at anytime. Refunds for all our products or services are available. Timescales will be detailed in the customer terms and conditions.


All personal data you submit to us is protected under the UK data protection act and will never be sold or distributed to outside parties without your written permission. If you have previously given us permission to send marketing or other Nutrition Dynamics or associated companies information and you wish to stop receiving this information you can do this at anytime by contacting us via email at

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