Susan – LondonFeb 2021

Highly recommended by a colleague in her own field, Lorna has been helping, supporting and advising my partner Tim on treatment for his colorectal cancer. We are convinced that the medicinal mushrooms he took alongside his course of chemo-radiotherapy contributed to substantially reducing his cancer as well as the side-effects of his conventional chemo-radiotherapy course. Lorna is not only a fount of knowledge and wisdom in all matters relating to nutrition, health supplements and scientifically-backed complementary therapy, she cares deeply about her patients welfare, emotionally as well as physically.


I contacted Nutrition Dynamics because I had been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer (ET), following a stroke.  This is a cancer that can be managed to a certain extent, but there is currently no cure.  I decided to consult Lorna in order to ensure my diet was as healthy as possible.  She researched my condition and explored my health history very thoroughly.  She identified some additional issues that we could address.  She devised a supplement plan for me which proved to be very successful. Since following our agreed plans my overall health has improved and I am really very well.  I would like to thank Lorna for her support and I have been impressed by her in-depth research and knowledge, her very helpful recommendations and her professional approach.  Compared with most people who have my blood condition, I am symptom free and have a good level of energy, which is certainly due in part to Lorna’s advice and recommendations.

Steve – Flackwell Heath

My honest feedback would definitely be that we are really enjoying your recipes that you kindly provided for us. We have them in a folder, divided into salads, main meals etc and physically I feel superb. Feeling very fit, strong and healthy, like I am bursting with vitamins, if that does not sound too eccentric! I think my diet is exemplary and that you have put me firmly on the right track there. Thank you Lorna. That is what I was seeking from you, so mission accomplished. 

Nick – High Wycombe

I cannot recommend Lorna highly enough - recommended to me through a family member. I was overwhelmed by the depth of Lorna's knowledge and even more so by the level of research that Lorna had put in prior to our initial meeting.

For anyone suffering with the cruel symptoms of psoriasis I would strongly recommend you get in touch with Lorna.

Thank you Lorna you have given me a new lease of life!!

Emily – Flackwell Heath

I came to see Lorna in September 2016 and it was the best thing I've done, as I'm in my 20's I wanted to feel the healthiest I could feel. I was also having issues with IBS, Lorna has helped me with this, she is extremely knowledgeable and goes out of her way to help with ideas. Lorna suggested I took a food intolerance test which has changed my life as there were things I was eating that I never knew were causing me issues, I have now eliminated things food from my diet and I feel fantastic. I am so glad I came to see Lorna, it's helped me live a normal and healthy life.

Lisa – Aylesbury

I found Lorna Rhodes at the Chiltern Clinic very helpful and supportive with the number of nutritional changes I needed to make to improve my health.

Changing my diet had always seemed necessary but a daunting prospect. However, Lorna’s wide experience and practical methods made the process manageable and interesting.

The results have been excellent and a blue print  for how  I want to eat for the rest of my life.

Suri Poulos

My daughter, who is now 20, suffered for 2 years with a general feeling of ill health, hair loss and tiredness. She consulted numerous doctors and took various blood tests but nothing was diagnosed as out of the ordinary. We then engaged Lorna to assess my daughter and suggest a course of action to improve her symptoms and health. Lorna was extremely thorough and spent a great deal of time analysing my daughters diet and eating habits. She encouraged her to eat a healthier diet and provided some delicious recipes and hand-outs which did result in a dramatic shift in my daughters eating habits. Lorna also took the time to research the contraceptive my daughter was taking and discovered the side effects of the active ingredient reflected my daughters symptoms. She encouraged my daughter to switch contraceptives, which she did, and within only a few weeks her symptoms had disappeared and she felt much more energetic, happier and healthier than she had felt in years.

I am happy to highly recommend Lorna, who is extremely knowledgeable, diligent and professional.