The vaginal microbiome is one of the most important human ecosystems and often not well understood. Too often, ongoing symptoms are normalised and brushed off as thrush, or as just part of being a woman.

Many of these symptoms can be debilitating and painful. Vaginal dysbiosis has been shown to impact on fertility and the optimal development of children.

The vaginal tract is host to over 200 species of microorganisms. Disruption of microbiota composition and functions can lead to multiple disorder, including bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis (thrush), infertility, pre-term births, miscarriages and increased risk of STis. For anyone with any of these symptoms recurring and also those who have endometriosis, PCOS or local inflammatory conditions such as chronic pelvic pain, then this is a test to be done.

Vaginal EcologiX is easy to do at home using swabs. Speak to Nutrition Dynamics for more information.