In the interests of both parties there must be a minimum of 2 sessions

Package 1:£200

Initial Consultation

A comprehensive consultation lasts 1½ hours, including a Comprehensive Health and Body Scan, Questionnaire analysis, Food Diary analysis, goal setting and personalised nutritional and supplement advice. Letter to GP if needed.

Fees include time spent preparing and researching your case before we meet.
The cost of the first consultation includes emails/telephone calls up to 15 minutes for support until the follow-up meeting.

Follow-Up Consultation

Typically lasts 60 minutes

Please note:

To get the full benefit of the programme it is recommended that two follow-up appointments are made so progress can be monitored over a three-month period.

You will receive an up-to-date action plan after this consultation and after any future consultations.

For ongoing monitoring it is recommended that 3 sessions provide the best results.

Package 2: £260.00

This includes the Initial Consultation and 2 Follow-ups (discounted)

Individual Follow-Up Consultations: £80.00 (1 hour)


Recommendations of functional tests when necessary.  Price depends on test, charges will be made for interpretation of complex reports from laboratories. Testing costs are not included in the consultation and programs fees. They are, sometimes paid for or refunded by insurance companies, but are mostly the responsibility of the individual. I use different screening profiles and laboratories and for those clients who prefer a non-invasive, alternative form of testing.


Food Intolerance Tests are available at Nutrition Dynamics, there are four tests to choose from, all competitively priced. I offer a 10% discount on these tests.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your appointment by telephoning me at least 24 hours/1 working day before your appointment. This allows the clinic to run efficiently so someone else may take your appointment if you need to cancel.

If you miss your appointment and have failed to notify me 1 working day before your appointment you will be charged £30.00 administration fee.