The Brain Health Programme Introductory Talk

Lorna RhodesEvents, TBHP Introductory Talk

The Brain Health Programme

The Brain Health Programme Introductory Talk


Monday 5th September 2018       7.00pm-8.30pm


Wakeman’s Road, Bourne End, SL8 5SX

This talk will explore key nutrition and lifestyle strategies to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia as you age.

Key insights from this talk include:

  • The main factors that affect brain health and cognitive function
  • Key nutritional strategies for maintaining energy in the brain and preventing dementia
  • The link between the gut and the brain, and how to optimise this
  • The critical role of sleep in brain function, and simple steps to optimise sleep
  • How to use gentle physical activity to boost mood and mental function

For more information and booking, contact:
LORNA RHODES 07710 488109 or

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