March Lamberts Supporting Mind, Memory and Mood
May ICAN Conference Autoimmunity
May Cytoplan Action Again Alzheimer’s – training
June Lamberts Weight Loss
June BANT Supporting Female Health and Hormones
July Biocare Energy Adaption
November ICANConference Ageing
November Lamberts Personalized Nutrition for Musculoskeletal Health
February Klinghart Institute Lyme Solutions
March Invivo Clinical Laboratory Testing in Clinical Practice
March CAM Conference Nutrigenomics in Practice
April CAM Conference Detox – The Key to Healthy Ageing
April Regenerist Labs The Triad of Environmentally Induced Autoimmunity
May Regenerist Labs Thyroid Health Paradigm Shift
May Functional DX Blood Chemistry Analysis, a functional perspective
July ION Nutrition Evidence for People Affected by Cancer
September CAM Conference Feeding the Brain for Bullet-Proof Immunity
October Invivo Clinical Integrative Women’s Halth Summit
October 13th Annual Anti-Ageing Conference
November Lamberts Female Hormones
January Lamberts Supporting Mind, Memory and Mood (Lorraine Nichols)
January Nordic DNA Life – Genetic Testing (Umahro Cadogen)
February Regenerist Methylation Part 1 (Robyn Puglia)
February Nutri Healing Practical Application of NLP for Therapists (Alma Griffiths)
March CAM Conference Brain Health (Dale Bredesan)
April Regenerist Methylation Part 2 (Robyn Puglia)
April CAM Conference Nutrigenomics- personalised medicine and the quantified self. (Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Anne Pemberton, Dr Ben Lynch)
May ION (3 days) Cancer: Nutritional support. Before, during and after treatment and beyond (Dr Marie Polley and Carol Granger)
June Nutri Advanced 28 day Hormone Challenge Programme Training (Jo Gamble)
June Lamberts Dysglycaemia and Related Disorders (Lorraine Nichols)
June CAM Summit Autoimmune Diseases and processes – the Unique value of Cyrex testing (Robyn Puglia)
June CAM Summit Cell Symbiosis Therapy (Gilian Crowther)
June CAM Summit Breakthrough approaches to address gluten exposure and sensitivities (Dr Tom O’Bryan)
June CAM Summit Working with the Microbiome to improve Mucosal Immune Function and Mitchondrial Fitness (MichaeAsh)
July Xandria Williams Cancer Concerns – Vital Signs for Cancer
September CAM Conference Meeting the Microbiome – The human gut Microbiome and its association with Obesity (Prof. Tim Spector)
September CAM Conference Metabolic Endotoxemia: clinical consequences and nutritional therapy (Ben Brown)
September CAM Conference How nutrition influences gut microbiome and metabolic profiles in health and disease (Dr Alesso Fasano)
October Lamberts Autoimmune Conditions (Lorraine Nichols)
November CAM Conference Mind/Body Nutrition – The Brain, Body Connection (Ashok Gupta), Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, The Zone theory (Dr Barry Sears), Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, The Zone theory (Dr Barry Sears), Advanced Nutrient Therapies (Dr William Walsh)
December Nutri Advanced Gut Transformation Programme Training – addressing Digestive symptoms and IBS (Jo Gamble)
December Invivo Integrative Cancer Care (Dr Nalina Chilkov)
February Lamberts Healthy Ageing (Lorraine Nichols)
March ION Healing Foods for Digestive Health (Belinda Blake & Nicola Moore)
May CAM Conference Anti-Ageing (Tom Fox, Miguel Toribio- Mateus,Dr Robert Marshall)
June CAM Conference Detoxification (Gillian Crowther, Anne Pemberton, Dr Robert Verkerk, Dr Rajendra Sharma)
June Nutri Advanced Optimising Health and Lifespan Through Nutrition and Detoxification(Dr Joe Pizzorno)
August ION Healing Foods for Women’s Health Part 2 (Belinda Blake)
November Lamberts Musculoskeletal Health (Lorraine Nichols)
November CAM Conference Gut/Brain Axis (Charlotte Watts, Ben Brown, Umahro Cadogen)
November Regenerist Cyrex Training Part 1
December ION Mindful Approaches to Nutritional Change (Katie Sheen)